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This is a Job for Superman!

I notice a shift in (relatively sane) people’s attitudes about the political successes of Donald Trump. Even the media seems to have pretty much caught on. He is not an anomaly; not some creature from outer space. He is clearly representing, not the reasonable thoughts, but the feelings of a huge number of Americans who are afraid and angry; people who are looking for a “strong man” to save them from the all the chaos and terrors presented by the world around them and the extreme changes the culture and the economy has undergone in the last couple of decades. Continue reading


A Visit to the Principal’s Office

Crime, punishment, and a visit to the Principal’s office…
Let us remember those golden years (The Nineteen-Fifties) when there was none of this modern crap about being sensitive to children’s “needs”. I mean, gimme a fuckin’ break, “needs?” The only recognized need a kid had in those days was for the bathroom. If something else was troubling your little ego (like, for instance, neglect, abuse, gender confusion), you were expected to deal with it yourself. Continue reading


Net Worth in the USA

A quick snapshot of the net “worth” of our current political system. Continue reading


The Grand Mufti, Satan, and my Grandmother

To me, playing chess always felt like a harmless way to have fun. But how could I have known that chess, just like many other seemingly innocent pastimes, is the work of SATAN. In fact, according to a recent TV proclamation by the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia, Sheikh Abdulaziz Al-Sheikh, it appears that having fun is, just by itself, an invitation to the Evil One to come and carry you off to hell.
Ah, but with all the Grand Muftis–of every religion–swarming around us, who needs hell?
Continue reading


Conspiracy Theories–Imagination and Reality

Recently, Florida Atlantic University fired an associate professor who, in his blog, radio show and classroom lectures insisted that the 2012 murders of 20 children and 6 staff members at Sandy Hook elementary school in Newtown Connecticut was either planned and carried out by the government or staged entirely.
The professor, James Tracy, is not alone in this belief. There are, apparently, thousands of others who share his point of view.
Does this conspiracy theory have anything in common with other theories that accuse higher powers and authorities with crimes and cover-ups?

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