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Megaphone Man

Riding uptown on the bus other day, we stopped at a light right next to the United Nations building on First Avenue and 46th Street.
Typical scene just outside the building gates—hundreds of tourists, in small groups and large, talking, taking pictures, coming in and out of the grounds and the building or just generally milling around; UN security guards and few New York City cops standing at the entrance. And, as usual, an endless flow of traffic headed up First Avenue—private cars, cabs, buses, trucks…
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President Trump

I had a lot of trouble writing those two words, just like I have a lot of trouble when I read those words in the paper or on-line–and even more trouble when I hear somebody actually say the words out loud. It still doesn’t seem real to me. But I guess I better sober up and get used to it. Continue reading

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Trump and Women– What’s New

Is anybody really shocked by Donald Trump’s recently revealed remarks about women? I assume a great many people are disgusted and repulsed, but shocked, really?
Maybe there are some who are shocked—I can easily believe that a lot of women are shocked because they’ve never heard the way some men talk about women when they aren’t around. Continue reading

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The Big Pause– 9/11/2001

I wasn’t on the spot and didn’t lose family or friends on 9/11.
I had the more general experience of most New Yorkers—the raw shock, the stubborn disbelief, and the sense of impending doom that lingered and lingers still, no matter deeply it sinks into the subconscious.
From that day and the days afterward, two things I find myself recalling… Continue reading


The Clinton Trump Debates

I’m sure I’m not the only one… thinking of the debates between Clinton and Trump.
There’s no way Der Trumpster can become sober and rational between now and whenever the debates occur–so we can count on him using broad ridicule, name-calling, unflattering imitations, interruptions, finger-pointing, shouting, etc.
And that’s just the style. The content will be–from his side–mostly about her “crimes” (real, exaggerated or imagined). AND he will drag her personal life onto the stage as often as he can–mostly about bad old Bill.
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