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Roseanne, Samantha Bee, and Free Speech

An old listener of mine from WBAI-FM days, who has f0llowed to me through the decades on various stations, reminded me that I used to make impassioned pleas for the right of anyone on the air to say just about anything—and that included cursing and personal insults; Just about anything, in fact, that stopped short of (to paraphrase Oliver Wendell Holmes) “yelling fire in a crowded theater”—which is to say, any speech that doesn’t cause imminent bodily harm to anyone. Continue reading

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Playboy Plays Out

Hugh Hefner died last week.
He was 91 and expired like some despotic king in his crumbling castle (mansion).
Playboy wasn’t a big thing in my neighborhood (unless, and this is entirely possible) some of the men in the neighborhood were buying it and hiding it someplace. It just wasn’t a playboy-type neighborhood–maybe not middle-class enough. Continue reading

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Audio-book suggestion

I’ve read Ulysses a few times over the decades and always enjoyed it tremendously (in fact I’d say it’s far and away the best novel I’ve ever read) but I’ve never listened to it before.
Hearing it read aloud by such a terrific reader brings the story, the characters and the whole atmosphere of the book into vibrant life. Continue reading

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Trump vs. The World

As Trump over-eats and the Earth over-heats, the unreality show “President” has decided to pull the USA out of the Paris Climate Accord. Continue reading

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Megaphone Man

Riding uptown on the bus other day, we stopped at a light right next to the United Nations building on First Avenue and 46th Street.
Typical scene just outside the building gates—hundreds of tourists, in small groups and large, talking, taking pictures, coming in and out of the grounds and the building or just generally milling around; UN security guards and few New York City cops standing at the entrance. And, as usual, an endless flow of traffic headed up First Avenue—private cars, cabs, buses, trucks…
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