A Long Swim Upstream

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Mike’s most recent book is: A Long Swim Upstream, Stories by Mike Feder (available as an e-book and as a paperback… on AmazoniTunesNook and other platforms)

Praise for A Long Swim Upstream

“A medley of self-deprecating ruminations—sometimes serious, sometimes tongue-in-cheek—examine the lure of the past and its continuing complications…
…Veteran radio personality and current PRN.FM host Mike Feder presents eleven unvarnished portraits of adolescent neuroses, adult uncertainties, and mental illness with appealing gallows humor and wonderment.”

– Foreword/Clarion Review ( ★★★★★ — Five Star Review!)


“Feder performs the storyteller’s prime task: to get us to urgently need to know “what happens next?” He is the mesmerizing shaman who draws us in as we sit around the campfire and follow his every word. But these are no lightweight stories he’s telling. These are tales of the inner workings of the human mind and heart, skillful inter-weavings of drama, insight, and humor. Read them and weep–also laugh, sigh, and shudder with recognition.

(Danny Fingeroth, former Senior Editor at Marvel Comics and author of Super Man on The Couch, etc.)