Trump vs. The World

As Trump over-eats and the Earth over-heats, the unreality show “President” has decided to pull the USA out of the Paris Climate Accord. Continue reading

As Trump over-eats and the Earth over-heats, the unreality show “President”┬áhas decided to pull the USA out of the Paris Climate Accord.

Forgetting for a moment that not participating in this climate change agreement essentially dooms the already critically ill planet to certain death, how did it come to be that one person (a fast-food-sucking, lying, thieving, sexually perverse lunatic)– that one person, out of a nation of over 300 million people, can unilaterally end an international treaty?
Or can he? Doesn’t the Constitution require Senate approval for any international agreement?
Yes, it does. Two thirds of the Senate is required to ratify international agreements.

But here’s the problem (and it’s part of a long story about the dangers of too much executive power–which has gotten steadily worse since the time of Roosevelt):
Obama signed us on the Paris Accord and DID NOT send it to the Senate for ratification because he knew he didn’t have the votes there.
Really, though I’m sure that any sane person with at least a high school education knows that Obama did the right thing, what was very wrong about it was him deciding to enter the country into an international agreement and not sending it over for Senate approval.

No one knows if President pussy-grabber will send it over to the Senate. He probably doesn’t even know that the Constitution requires it (he probably doesn’t even know there is a Constitution). And even if someone in his “administration” had the nerve to remind the Emperor of the law, he would just ignore it and then fire the person who brought it up.

And if he did send it to the Senate? Sadly, this current batch of craven, know-nothing Republicans, will–for the sake of keeping their season tickets to the ongoing money and power show–go along with Trump (who is also doing this to stay popular with his billionaire buddies the great ignorant mass of his voters).

I’ve read that a lot of scientists consider that the Earth is already a cooked frog and it doesn’t really matter if every country cleaned up their act immediately. But if there is even the slimmest chance to save the planet, then it has to be taken.
China and India (though they are doing better recently) are fouling the Earth as badly as the USA (or even worse), but you’d like to hope that this country, as is the case with most of Western Europe, would do the right thing.

I once interviewed a Texas journalist who said that the section of seats where corporate lobbyists sat in their state legislature was commonly referred to as “the owner’s box”.
When Trump and the Republicans in the Senate took over, it meant that various corporations and rich people moved from controlling things behind the scenes to actually running the government right out in the open. (The former CEO of Exxon-Mobil as Secretary of State!?)

Something that has always made me shake my head in wonderment is that many people in various Presidential cabinets and in the Senate are fairly intelligent, even well-educated.
These people are not graduates of Liberty University or some creationist college.
So why would they vote against something that would possibly save the planet from being destroyed. They live here, too–right? They have children and grandchildren, don’t they?
Is money and power–no matter how temporary–more important than the lives of their own family?

I think that if the Democrats (however much they’re part of the larger corporate entity) don’t win big in the mid-term elections that the poor old USA will pass a political tipping point; that there will be irreversible damage to what’s left of our democracy. It was always a precarious thing–and based as much on idealism as realism–but our system has now entered a time of over-weaning ignorance, out-of-control greed and the evil blossoming of the dormant desire a lot of people have always had for a King, even a Fuhrer.

Maybe the bible had it right– First there was the flood, then the fire next time.

If Trump and his billionaires don’t go, we ALL go.

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One Response to Trump vs. The World

  1. Lynn Akonom says:

    It feels like things take so long to happen.

    There are a lot of intelligent people on the planet.

    I always wondered the following: Why can’t all the intelligent people on this planet figure out a way to fix everything?

    What is it we all want out of life anyway? Or, to re-phrase that …. what aspects of life need to be different than the way they are today?

    what parts of life need an overhaul?


    the whole idea of money

    if there were no such thing as money



    a place to sleep

    a place to keep your things

    a place to gather with others

    what if we all shared living spaces?

    what if we could all be on the go all the time?

    but, what about MY stuff?

    how can we re-think all of that?


    if we are all so aware of which foods are healthy & which foods are killing us

    why can’t we eliminate the foods that kill?

    why can’t we all participate in growing healthy organic food


    what if nobody owned anything


    what if there was only public transportation

    we would all be meeting new people all the time

    we could all get everywhere

    what would there be to see?

    could there still be theater

    but it wouldn’t cost a week’s salary to go to the theater


    how would we spend out time?

    Michael Moore touched on this in a recent (within the past year) talk that he gave

    he said if people weren’t so busy working 2 & 3 jobs to stay alive they would have time to “chill”, I think that’s the word he used, meaning time to create, a poem, a short story, a novel, a play …. people need time

    I will end here for now & will hopefully write again

    thank you for this opportunity to share some thoughts


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