Trump Self-aborting

I was once walking in Riverside Park with my son—he was about four years old—and he asked me, “Dad, does a squirrel know he’s stupid”? Interesting question (one of the many he used to come up with).z
A similar question comes up constantly with Donald Trump.
Does he have any real conception of how his unfiltered utterances affect other human beings? Does he know how insensitive and cruel he sounds?
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I was once walking in Riverside Park with my son—he was about four years old—and he asked me, “Dad, does a squirrel know he’s stupid”? Interesting question (one of the many he used to come up with).
A similar question comes up constantly with Donald Trump.
Does he have any real conception of how his unfiltered utterances affect other human beings? Does he know how insensitive and cruel he sounds? The man clearly has a monstrous chip on his shoulder—a world class inferiority complex—and that creates a streak of sadism.
In his personal life—his family and friends—he may actually be a benevolent presence, but when he’s the object of wide attention, the aggrieved and uncontrollable little boy seems to come out.

There was a book I read to my kids when they were little—I think it was the Berenstain Bears—called Too Much Birthday. It’s about the emotional overload a little kid can through when there are too many other kids running around, too much noise, too many presents… They get overloaded and crash.
Everybody says that Trump can’t get enough attention—I’ve thought that myself. Maybe the opposite is true; maybe he’s had too much attention and he’s breaking down under the strain. For a man whose identity seems to come almost entirely from external sources, maybe he (even he) has had too much and he’s losing it entirely. Last week he suggested that the US would save money if they gave nuclear technology and weapons to South Korea!

Of course, the verbal spit-up from Trump that passes as political commentary wouldn’t make the slightest bit of difference if he was a cartoon character or a random lunatic muttering to himself on streets. But we are forced to consider the fact that he could actually be the next President of the country.

…So now the latest; Trump says women should be punished for having an abortion (Of course he took it back a day later–like almost everything else he says).
But did he really mean it when he first said it? I’m guessing he didn’t.; but I wonder if he’s ever read an American history book, or, for that matter, paid any attention to American culture outside the confines of his narrow, gold-plated kingdom?
One thing for sure; he doesn’t understand that women have always been punished for having an abortion—and the worst punishment has to be the self-punishment, the awareness of deliberately ending a life inside yourself.
We’ve already got Ted Cruz who would, if he could get away with it, brand a scarlet “A” on the forehead of any woman who attempted to have an abortion. Trump is not as mean or crazy as Cruz but he has no apparent control over his words or his temper. Imagine him having the final say over launching nuclear weapons.

It’s possible, as the convention and the actual nomination get closer, that Trump has discovered what all other lifer politicians know from birth—he needs to say things that play well with people whose support he must have to reach his goal.
But I have a deeper feeling about Trump. I think he’s ultimately self-destructive, like a gambler who plays to lose.
I think, inside that bizarre skull of his, he has a dawning awareness that he’s not really capable of handling the job of President; or simply, that it’s just not the kind of thing that he likes to do. It’s too static and demanding, requires too much responsibility and attention. He’s a man who doesn’t feel comfortable with sustained reflection on emotional or philosophical issues or with pondering the complexities and ambiguity of life. Good for him—that means he’s probably not neurotic. But it doesn’t make him any less dangerous.

Every time Donald Trump says something outrageous and offensive, people think, “Well, that’s it, now he’s gone too far.” But that hasn’t panned out. He seems to able to say anything and his fans keep cheering him on and voting for him.

Maybe his latest stupid remark about women will be the last straw. Maybe Trump has—propelled by whatever complex emotional forces that drive him—taken one step too far over the line. Could be he has self-aborted. If he has, it won’t be the conscious, anguished choice that millions of women have made, it will just be one more eruption from his twisted child’s mind.

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4 Responses to Trump Self-aborting

  1. Sam says:

    Actually being president seems like hard, boring, and frustrating work. Campaigning can be too–how can giving the same speech for the hundredth time be any fun, especially when you have to go to places like Wisconsin (which probably doesn’t have a single decent gold-paneled hotel)? Not to mention he has all these painful interviews and nasty media scrutiny.

    Sarah Palin might be a good comparison. Remember when she quit being governor a year or two into her second term because it was more lucrative, less challenging, and better for her ego to talk to adoring crowds of fans? I wonder if on some level, the Donald has come to the same realization.

  2. Barry Nisman says:

    Great read, Mike.

    I think we all have felt that the shoe has dropped (Trump’s run is over) so often that now he’s got us convinced he can say anything…..but some thoughts if I may add……..
    Firstly, there now is pushback. We don’t know if the GOP will let him run, his unfavorable ratings are the highest of a presidential candidate in the last 100 years or more. His decision not to debate is smart, only because he’s ignorant. He can’t discuss with 1 or 2 opponents the nuances of issues, details demanded of a debate conversation. This is a man who didn’t know what the nuclear triad was. This is a man who lives on “you just wait, you’ll love what we do, you wait, you’ll see”, that has been his policy position and explanation of how he will implement his fractured plans, and it’s been that way with very few exceptions……This is a man when on a stage with 14 others, then 9 others, then 4 others, could bully and insult and it made for a great show and the appearance of strength. If he debated Cruz and Kasich, and if it gets to a 1:1 with Bernie/HRC, that tactic doesn’t play well. You can’t keep calling your opponent tired, a loser, a disaster, when the question posed to you is what outstanding environmental legislation would you support and which would you oppose, and the next person to speak is that one opponent who has facts and figures.

    I must make mention of two more things, if I may. He is dangerous, we know, because this is not someone who may not be neurotic, his psychological profiles are profoundly abnormal, from narcissist to pathological liar. Specific examples are easy and numerous to mention, but go no further than counting the number of times he refers to himself in the third person. He is not an astute person. We can debate his business ‘success’ elsewhere but it’s pertinent to the debates upcoming and those already held, so he needs to refer to the Trump Brand, it’s his shield and not one we see many grounded centered people us. If you disagreed with any of what I just said, you wouldn’t inform me that ‘Feder doesn’t think you have a valid point.’ He is as thin skinned as you would expect a bully to be. Hence, he defended his hands, and unable to stop there, had to assure the world that he’s well positioned from a genitals standpoint. I’ve read that psychological profiles that suggest a condition (the name escapes me) where he is incapable of filtering what he is thinking, so when he is challenged, criticized, mocked, he must rattle his saber. Why has he not stopped with Megyn Kelly; would anyone in his campaign think that is an asset, to keep verbally stalking her ? Lastly, you and I and most of your readers/listeners can suggest all we want that his followers are uneducated, incoherent, you name it. Whatever we say, it will be disregarded by his supporters (by independents, or old time GOP, no I think they may agree, we’re seeing more and more of that). However, there is one person who gave a concise overview of that base of support, and provided the most penetrating insult one could levy………… was Trump himself. He told us all that his supporters are so loyal, that he could shoot someone in midtown Manhattan and his supporters would not care. If I spent my time conferring with you we could not have insulted that group of supporters as he did. I was thinking about what he could say that would finally be the dropping of that proverbial shoe. I don’t think ‘punishing women’ re abortions was it, but it was close. It hurt him, glad to know that, but it wasn’t that moment we’re waiting for. I think he would have to be involved with child abuse, child porn, spousal abuse, and I AM NOT SUGGESTING he has, but I think THAT might be where that the line of no return exists for him. At this point though, if Clinton/Sanders wind up on the same side, no matter which is nominated, Trump stands no chance of winning…..and if they give the nomination to Ryan, e.g., we know already that the pledge they all took is already out the window. They are not obligated to support the eventual candidate, notwithstanding that publicized covenant.

    I support Bernie, will easily vote for Clinton if it’s her, and would vote for O’Malley if he was in the running…..I don’t wish to spend much time on Trump, he has won that battle of occupying the landscape, free PR, the works. But he cannot be ignored, and Mike, there is an interesting mini interview with Noam Chomsky. As liberals come, he is far to the left of many. I’ll link you to Chomsky insisting that while he is a Bernie supporters with qualms, and not a Clinton supporter, he will vote for either as readily as he did for Obama, not being a supporter of his. The GOP is so toxic, well, he’ll make his points. Thank you for allowing my reply to your terrific piece.
    Barry, be well

  3. Victoria says:

    So these are our choices…a real estate mogul media whore, a former first lady and liar who masquerades as a champion of women (except the women her husband raped), an evangelist who in the tradition of evangelists, probably cheated on his wife and a socialist who believes that government “programs” are the answer for all society’s woes. I voted for Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate last time, and I will probably do the same this time.
    Instead of focusing on the threat of terrorism facing every corner of the world, why do we roll out the old chestnut issue of abortion. Really? Do we really believe it will be criminalized again. It’s an issue that serves no purpose except to polarize and distract from the real issues. At a time when we should be focusing on electing someone who can restart this country, we’re looking at a group of miscreants & a throwback to the days of Emma Goldman and John Reed. They are a reflection of us all and we should be ashamed of ourselves.

  4. Hi Mike. I just want to acknowledge that I enjoyed reading your post; it’s difficult to add anything to what you’ve said. Trump’s consciousness and/or awareness is so seemingly unfathomable, and the general circumstances so surreal. I suppose if Raygun or George the Lesser could be president, candidate selection has become an open field for any idiot being advised to follow a script. The difference now is that Trump isn’t taking outside advice. Maybe if we can stomach Hillary as top dog, it’s good to have Trump run so as to guarantee her easy victory…because the polls say he’s a loser in a national vote. But it would mean we’d have to listen to his tripe for another 8 months until his epic loss occurs…assuming the polls are correct.

    Trump is often praised for “…saying what is on people’s minds…” The proper response to this bit of misguided logic is: Just because people are thinking this (whatever the issue of the day is — you fill in the blanks) doesn’t make it right.

    When was the last time you really liked the president anyway? We all liked Kennedy, but we didn’t know we were being snowed at the time. Carter was ethical, but a terrible politician, and he LOST the job. Was Clinton just business as usual? Color me cynical. These folks are rarely heroes; they’re certainly not individuals in whom I place my total trust and faith. You pull the lever and hope for the best.

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