Net Worth in the USA

A quick snapshot of the net “worth” of our current political system. Continue reading

Donald Trump, net worth: 4.5 billion dollars
Hillary Clinton, net worth: 45 million dollars
Paul Ryan, net worth: 7.8 million dollars
Nancy Pelosi, net worth: 100 million dollars


 Broadway and 109th Street,
February 6th, 2016

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9 Responses to Net Worth in the USA

  1. Sally says:

    A picture that says too much about us….an essay, a picture, either way you get to the crux of the matter.

  2. Victoria says:

    Society is decaying. Every day, an innocent t commuter is being slashed on the subway. These are hard working folks just trying to get to or go home from jobs that suck their spirits dry. The anger and hostility in the air is so thick you can see it on the faces of strangers around you. I grew up in East New York in the 50s and 60s. It was a tough neighborhood then but there was a sense of humanity. We have to get it back or we truly are doomed.

    • Mike Feder says:

      But how do get back to that place?

      • victoria says:

        Humanity begins at home. In our interpersonal relationships, how to we connect? Do we pull out our phones when we’re eating dinner; do we miss saying hello to a neighbor or help someone in need because we have our headphones on to avoid involvement. Instead of critical thinking, do we post pre-designed and written sentiments on Facebook? It’s scary to think how little we care for one another and suddenly in a crisis we’re expected to rally all these dormant emotions. Our lack of connection as humans is having a horribly dangerous ripple effect. I see it in the faces of many young people; they’re very smart (about things in their field) and polite (if you say hello or good morning first) but there is a vacancy that is far more dangerous than a CEO’s bonu.

  3. Tom Elliott says:

    Early this week I awoke to the hourly AP NEWS playing a clip of Clinton retorting to Sanders (paraphrase) If you don’t think I’m a progressive you don’t think Barack Obama or Bill Clinton are progressives either.

    You are right Mrs. Clinton they are not progressives.
    Sanders is cutting pretty hard at her but her squawks, tweets, groans seemingly acknowledge his assertions.

  4. Meurig Davies says:

    A friend of mine, and his wife, retired in their 70s, live on $1,000 / mth Social Security, supplemented by payments from reverse mortgaging their (very modest) home about 5 years ago. Their Savings are gone, due to some illnesses and injuries they suffered in later life. Whenever I visit them, Fox News is always playing on the TV, and it is on for 12 hours a day, with occasional breaks for football games. However they will – sometimes- mute the audio while I am there….. They are going to vote for Trump, they hate Obama (because he is a Muslim, helping ISIS, a socialist (same as communist), and dedicated to bringing down our Government from the inside, and he and the Dems are responsible for the miserable financial situation retirees are in, and of course, the whole Country is in. Hilary is a murderer and a liar, and if Bernie is elected then that is the end of America. I have always clung to the principle that education is the answer. We MUST educate these people, or if not the old folks, then their offspring. However, considering the amount of ignorance that already exists out there, and the millions of $ that are being spent to keep them stupid, I am losing hope that it’s ever going to happen. Depressing !!

  5. Stephen Hines says:

    I like the way you have “worth” in quotation marks. Now, if we could get around to showing what “make” and “earn” really mean, then maybe there could be some real progress.

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