Turning Seventy

February 23rd, 2015

God Willing (or the fates or my physical constitution) I will be 70 this coming June. I’ve heard from a couple of friends/listeners who are also turning or have turned 70 (I picture the birthday arriving and tens of thousands of people commencing to turn and turn. Do they stop turning?). These people, and myself included, find it hard to believe or perhaps hard to accept.

I wonder if this is a function of our Sixties generation who seemed to be caught in a dream of perpetual youth for one reason or another? Or maybe every generation feels this way—can’t believe or accept that reality of growing old and headed for the big adios. The two states—growing old and mortality are obviously on a continuum—you do the one, than the other inevitably follows.

I know my own psychological and circumstantial reasons for not believing I’m this old or that mortality is looming. I never saw my parents get older, then old, then die (since they both died suddenly at a relatively young age and not from natural causes). So I don’t have the experience and the example of how that works. I think people (and that would be most people in this country) who have had this experience are probably less disbelieving and more accepting of the whole process.

Also, for me alas, I never really grew up emotionally and still feel that I’m due a childhood (since I was not allowed much of one when I was a child). Again this is from the example set by both my parents who never did grow up emotionally themselves.

This is one of those times (no atheists in the foxhole) that I envy truly religious people—those who absolutely believe in an all-powerful deity and heavenly rewards of good behavior in their current incarnation; or even those (Buddhists, et. al.)who have come to terms with the circular continuity–indistinguishability–of birth, life and death.

Anyway, I’m interested in hearing from anyone who is within hailing distance of this age–or has already reached or passed it. Does it concern you, obsess you, depress or maybe even elate you? Or do you even give it much thought at all?
I think, too, that for the purpose of getting more responses, I will drop the age to sixty-five.
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