A Book Every American Should Read

September 22nd, 2013

Review of Stephen Kinzer’s The Brothers, John Foster Dulles, Allen Dulles and Their Secret World War

You know those reviews clips, headlines or ads that say “Must Read” or, “…if you only read one historical-political book this year…”
I have to say, with all the books I’ve read before and am currently, this one is absolutely the most eye-opening, informative and outrageously provocative I’ve come across in many, many years.
After all the articles I’ve read, all the turning-over-the-rock books about American politics and culture—after all the experts I’ve interviewed… After all this I shouldn’t be shocked any more. But the scope of insanity, corruption, hypocrisy and mass murder incorporated in the Dulles Brother’s running of America from the Early Fifties to the Late Sixties is, actually, truly shocking.

Any time you think you know just how bad America has been to and for this poor world, you come across a history like this and you suddenly become aware of the actual depths to which “our” government has sunk in subverting decency, freedom and democracy all over the world.
Idiot George W. Bush asked the question after 9/11– “Why do THEY hate us?” The answer he came up with was “Because of our Freedoms.” When you read this book, you come face to face for the real reasons they (most of the rest of the world—especially the world outside of White, Christian Europe) hate us. It’s because these freedoms are only for the United States, no other non-white, non-Christian, non-corporate cultures need apply.
The psychopathic, missionary Christian, Corporatism of the Dulles Brothers—John, the former head of the largest corporate law firm in the world, then Secretary of State, and his brother Allen, the head of the CIA all the way from Korea through Vietnam—constitutes the true behavioral DNA of America-in-the-world. It’s enough to make you weep for the billions of people this country has deprived of freedom and security for the last sixty years.

I grew up practically in love with America and the Declaration of Independence. The USA had just beaten the Nazis. I saw the picture of the marines raising the flag at Iwo Jima. I knew guys in my neighborhood that had liberated concentration camps.

But they never taught us the real history of America in high school and barely at all in college. If they had, there never would have been a Vietnam in the first place—and no Iraq or Afghanistan either; Banks wouldn’t have gotten away with stealing all our money and crashing our economy and raving, Christian fundamentalist and corporate puppets wouldn’t have taken over our government.

Karma is real. You can’t steal a whole country, kill and enslave tens of millions of human beings, assassinate democratically elected leaders of countries, bribe and corrupt foreign governments, train the secret police and arm the military of crazy dictators for decades… always in the service of profit. You cannot do all this and escape the judgment and the punishment of history.

This book is a MUST READ… for anyone who wants to know what their taxes have paid for in the last half century—for anyone who wants to know just exactly why the rest of the world wants to blow us up and throw us out of their countries. And for anyone who no longer wishes their “representatives” in Washington to keep facilitating stealing and killing all over the world and call it American Exceptionalism.

I’ll also add that the author, Stephen Kinzer, is also a terrific writer; clear, articulate, factual and dramatic. His inside the inner circle revelations of the Dulles brothers and their crimes is morbidly page-turning.

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