Rationality From The Irrational–A Bizzare Communication

September 13th, 2013

Greatest Vaudeville Act in History: Vladimir Putin Impersonates Martin Luther King.

Yesterday  morning, the NY Times published an op-ed piece by Vladimir Putin, former Colonel in the KGB and current Mafia Dictator of Russia. Vlad the Impaler wrote an articulate and moving plea for peaceful negotiations between countries and appears to be offering himself as an example of noble sacrifice and the voice of reason in the world.
This is surely one of the supreme delusional moments in editorial writing history–having a torturing, mass-murdering, demented, bigoted, thieving dictator lecture the United States on how to behave in the world. And the most amazing thing about it is…   He’s right in almost everything he says!

This is what the world has come to– The Dictator of Russia, who has contempt for anything vaguely democratic or peaceful, whose government routinely jails or murders journalists– Putin,  the man has provided Assad of Syria and other absolute rulers with billions of dollars weapons to kill their own people; the head of a country that routinely renders the UN powerless to help suffering peoples, is telling the United States that it must stop it’s belligerent anti-democratic, violent ways and join the family of nations.

Well, I guess it takes one to know one.

Read this op-ed piece, (after putting on your magic tin-foil madness-converter beanie), and you will see that almost everything Putin says about the United States is right.
I’m tempted to write in Putin for President in 2016 but of course I wouldn’t really want a President who locks up journalists and whistle-blowers or who routinely blows up innocent people (including children) in foreign countries– I mean, can you imagine having a President who authorizes spying on his own citizens, declares war all by himself, puts his supporters and cronies in top  jobs and doesn’t represent the interests of the mass of common people? It’s too horrible to imagine. That would be like living in Russia!

Anyway,  Russia’s Manly Man has now become a peacenik.

(* To make sure you know just who is writing all these wonderful, cooperative things, the NY Times has a large dirty/bloody/Unclean hand to illustrate the article).


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