August 21, 20013

Blames his accusers for his own crimes.

(Not bad, right? I’m getting warmed up for the job of headline writer at the New York Post).

The current Archbishop of Newark, John J. Meyers, who was found to have facilitated the child-abusing behavior of a priest he supervised in Peoria Illinois in the ’90’s, has decided (instead of getting on his knees and begging god for forgiveness) to throw a tantrum and blame the media and other priests for daring to criticize his criminal behavior…  Well, what’s new in the world? It’s not uncommon that, when people do or say something really bad, they can’t deal with their guilt and proceed to blame those who point it out–even blaming the very people who were the targets of their bad behavior. Though I must say that the Catholic church, with it’s constant denials, denunciations and excuses has really retired the trophy in this particular area of human endeavor.

Even more egregiously,  this silk-and-gold bedecked son-of-a-bitch, Archbishop Myers (see story below) has even gone so far as to prophesy that priests who made statements outing his pedophilia facilitating ways, will have to “deal with god.”

I have friends who suffered abuse at the hands (and I mean that literally) of priests and nuns. And I find the entire response of the Catholic church to these abuse issues (not to mention the disgusting acts they perpetrated for centuries) tantamount to a RICO violation–a global racketeering conspiracy that should be prosecuted at The Hague.

Here’s the way I see it:

a) If god was paying any attention to his dearly beloved boys and girls down on earth instead of playing seven card draw or watching Spring Break Chics or whatever-the-fuck-else he was doing up there, he would have never let this awful stuff happen in the first place.

b) If there is a god (and if there is I’m obviously in bad trouble), who the hell is Archbishop John J. Myers to threaten god’s punishment? Did he get a memo from the big guy appointing him Press Secretary to the Eternal?

Imagine being god’s press secretary…  “The Almighty acknowledges The Holocaust and The African Slave Trade, both of which recently came to his attention. He deeply regrets that certain of his agency heads did not see fit to tell him about these things while they were happening and he welcomes these revelations as an opportunity to have a full and frank discussion of mass murder and slavery…
As soon as he returns from his golf vacation on Martha’s Vinyard, he is going to appoint a bi-partisan panel to investigate these crimes and propose solutions…  No more questions…”

The Catholic church and all its executives need to declare moral and economic bankruptcy, sell off all its assets, give all the money to the poor and then look for honest work.

And by the way, I don’t want to be seen as picking on the poor Catholic Church.
All “organized religions” inevitably drift into abuse of power. Just look at the anti-female excesses of some of the Ultra-Orthodox Jews and their rabbis in Israel, or the murderous gangs of radical Muslims and their over-the-top imams in various countries. Even the Tibetan Buddhists’ have come under suspicion for sexual predation in their monasteries in Tibet and other countries where they relocated.

Save for the Buddhists who have no established god, any group of men who have decided that they are closer to “god” than anyone else and that they know “god’s” wishes; and that they are sole interpreters of “god’s laws”… Any such group has already formed itself  into a vicious circle of curdled testosterone, and are capable of absolutely ANYTHING… as you can see by just picking up the paper on any given day.

Story on Archbishop Myers of Newark:


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