A Long Swim Upstream


My new Book:

A Long Swim Upstream, Stories by Mike Feder

(This is a re-issue, under a new title, of my collection of autobiographical short stories, New York Son. It has been re-written and includes a new story—not in New York Son)

Praise for A Long Swim Upstream:

“I used to listen to Mike Feder on WBAI radio… where he’d turn on a microphone in a dark studio and just talk, no notes, no cute script, for, like, an hour.  It was completely mad and the only sanity I could count on week after week.
                  Feder doesn’t stand aside from the world and snicker. He truly gives a shit about our sad planet. That’s in his Sirius and PRN radio shows, and comes it through, with artful soul that Ken Kesey could only hint at, in A Long Swim Upstream.”

                                                                    Greg Palast

For The Talking Cure:

“Feder’s new book shoehorns the stream-of-experience confessional into the lyrical novel form pioneered by Henry Miller.”

                                                  –Publisher’s Weekly  

For New York Son:

Reading these monologues/stories by Mike Feder is like being stuck between stations on the subway with an insane—and possibly dangerous—individual who turns out to be not only funny, likable, and intelligent, but eager to turn himself inside-out for your entertainment.”

                                                              –Kirkus Reviews

See the book—and read the first story for free—on Amazon.

A Long Swim Upstream is currently available as an e-book or in paperback on Amazon. /e-book  /Paperback.

It is also available on Barnes & Noble Nook.

And Kobo. 

The book is not yet available on iBooks (iTunes) but until it’s ready, you can always get the free Kindle app and download it onto any tablet or personal reading device.

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!!!!! AND NOW, A LONG SWIM UPSTREAM (or at least the add for it) IS A MAJOR MOTION PICTURE! (Youtube).

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