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April 8th, 2013
(Buddha’s Birthday)

My Radio Shows and Commentary on The Nobel Peace Prize

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Re:    The Nobel Peace Prize

There is a petition being circulated on-line ( see below) to nominate Bradley Manning for the Nobel Peace Prize. I think this is an inspired idea. If he did get the award it might establish just a little of the respect the prize committee has lost over the decades. And, giving Bradley Manning (a person who sacrificed almost everything to fight war) the prize might restore something resembling a sane moral balance to the world.

Barack Obama was awarded the Peace prize a couple of years ago. Yes, they actually gave the peace prize to a man whose “surge” in Afghanistan and his personally approved drone strikes have killed thousands of people in the last five years. At least a thousand of these “war” deaths were civilians; men, women and CHILDREN who were totally innocent blown to pieces in a matter of seconds.

I don’t know why the people in Oslo awarded a mass murderer a peace prize. Maybe somebody dropped something funny in their aquavit, or maybe, as most people presumed after the announcement of the award, they wanted to encourage Mr. Obama to stop kissing the asses of various generals just get a pat on head; hoped to show him that there was another option besides brute force. If that was there plan I don’t think it worked.
Here’s the criteria for the peace prize…  It should be awarded to:
“…the person who shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses.”

Giving this prize to Bradley Manning, especially if the encouragement came from Americans, would really make a statement to the rest of the world and maybe even to the few remaining “leaders” in this country with a basic sense of decency.

This where you go to sign the petition (scroll down a bit when you get to the home page and the petition will be there):



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