Startling Revelation!


Exclusive to Federfiles!!   …In an exclusive interview with Federfiles’ International correspondent, Mike Feder, former basketball star Dennis Rodman says that he was kidnapped by the CIA just before he was scheduled to leave for a diplomatic visit to North Korea. He further claims that a Dennis Rodman robot was built at the CIA’s Langley labs and sent to North Korea in his stead— the mission, which appears to have been successful, was to transmit American military secrets from President Obama to North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un.

Rodman further revealed that just before succumbing to mind-numbing drugs administered by his captors, he overheard President Obama record the message directly into the robot Rodman’s hard-drive… “Comrade Kim, the plan is succeeding! The foolish Americans believe I am one of them. Kim Jong Il’s brilliant strategy of appointing capitalist lawyers and Wall Street lackeys to the highest posts in the government and of agreeing to cut Social Security and Medicare has the foolish Americans believing that I am a capitalist tool…  Ha Ha, won’t they laugh from the other side of their mouths when they discover that North Korean agents built a robot of me in Kenya and sent it to Harvard Law school so that I could stealthily bring Glorious Socialism to America! …I have hidden some frozen Big Mac meat patties and oil cooked potato sections in the Rodman robot’s gluteal muscles. Please accept them as a gift”.

Federfiles has contacted the White House about Rodman’s startling revelations but they will neither confirm nor deny this report.

More on this story as it comes in…

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