The Circus is in Town–The Brennan Senate Hearings.

 Whitewashing the Blood of the White House


The Senate hearings on John Brennan were even more of a silly, scripted circus than I expected them to be; ass-kissing to the point of lip-fatigue by whorish Senators who constantly thanked Obama’s murder buddy for his “service”.
Service?! Let me tell you something… my wife is a social worker. Every day she goes to her office and helps desperate and disabled people cope with their difficult and tragic lives. That’s service—not sitting in a leather chair in the President’s office, having coffee with cream and going over a list of drone assassinations.

What was new about these foolish “hearings” was that we actually got to see and hear Brennan up close for the first time; he wasn’t furtively scurrying in and out of the Oval office or situation room—or wherever—his snout and whiskers twitching over the morning’s Kill List.
And what did we get to see? A self described conscience-stricken Presidential advisor who “agonizes” every time he gives the order to blow somebody up ten thousand miles from his Washington office. I wonder if he agonizes as much as the tens of thousands of relatives, school-pals and friends of the civilian men, women and children he has murdered long-distance (before he packs up for the day, and goes home to his wife in Georgetown—or wherever he keeps his coffin)?

I’m not as fastidious as some other people about the killing of the Right Reverend Al Alkawi in Yemen, a first-class son-of-a-bitch and aider and comforter of people who want to blow up Americans—even if said clergyman is an American citizen. Al Capone and Ted Bundy were American citizens. Guys like that make their choices in life; living by the sword and dying by it (I guess I’m not a complete pacifist).
Of course not everybody who is a run-amok mass murderer gets his due: Dick Cheney lived by the sword and was responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of innocent people, but will probably die more “naturally” when his artificial heart short-circuits one day while he is out blowing away tame grouse.

So much for certain mad-dog killers… But—this concern for assassinating American citizens without an indictment or trial is profoundly serious problem—even if, occasionally, they deserve to be killed, because it’s all on a continuum. Currently the President and his consigliere can personally designate who is to be whacked and have their toy Justice Department come up with some secret legal reason for it. That they are allowed to get away with this insane bullshit without being lectured and even yelled at (let alone forbidden to do it) by our representatives is why the favorability rating of Congress is below that of circus freaks and camel shit.

A simple reading of US or world history (and current news) will show you that once you start making plans (and carrying them out) to murder people in secret just because you decide they are bad, then you have left even the appearance of Democracy in the dust….
And I’m not making this stuff up— Obama has said that Americans shouldn’t worry because he won’t get carried away with this behavior! Like the obviously lying salesman on TV back in the Sixties selling some cheap-shit product, then looking at the camera and saying, “Would I lie to you, I’m the president of the company.” Who the hell else lie to me if not this guy?

I don’t trust Mr. Hope and Change to decide who gets killed without a trial—and what’s worse of course, is that this kind of behavior continues a precedent where the President can invade, occupy and destroy countries without ever asking Congress for permission—and, furthermore, assassinate anybody he decides is a “threat” to the country. Maybe, not too far in the distant future, that threat will be you or me—for publicly (or even in an e-mail or text) disagreeing with something the President said or did.
This is not The Terminator or Blade-runner. There are already surveillance drones operated by local, state and federal authorities (including the Defense department) flying over various parts of the USA. How long do you think before they decide to arm these drones? Maybe one day a “threat” to the country will be strolling up Broadway or shopping in Boise or going to school in Portland and one of Brennan’s missiles will reign “justice” down on him—and fifty-two innocent people around him.
Either the leaders of the country should just drop all this silly bullshit about us being a “nation of laws” and the leading “democracy” in the world—or, they should walk the walk and stop killing people anywhere and everywhere just because some semi-anonymous guys on the ground and a spy satellite decide they are enemies. Either we’re a democracy or we’re not.

I’m just asking for a touch less hypocrisy so I can digest my breakfast…


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