A Positive Word For Mr. Obama

Thursday, January 17th, 2013

Something Promising from The President


More in the credit where credit is due department…

Mr. Lesser-of-two-evils has issued 23 Executive orders re: gun violence. Most of them are suggestions or letters to be issued or recommendations or advisories–steps in the right direction but not mandatory. There are a couple that are more direct and have a more practical, immediate effect and that’s good.

The real suggested changes he proposed are laws that Congress will have discuss and vote on–They include restoring the assault weapons ban that cowboy Bush and his Republican Congress (with the help of many Democrats) helped to get rid of and limiting the size of clips–also creating a law that requires background checks by all private gun sellers (at shows or individually).

These laws are where the serious changes are and, obviously, they will be very hard to pass– You’ve got millions of overgrown boys and some deluded women who imagine they are John Wayne or part of some Seal team–who confuse patriotism with the freedom to carry a loaded semi-automatic weapon wherever and whenever they want. These people are unreachable by reason, decency or logic and, unfortunately, they can vote– Also, you’ve got the weapons manufacturing-funded and politically connected NRA who can make or break the political careers of many members of Congress.

As immediate proof that these are steps in the right direction, Rand Paul has decided that Obama is trying to be a tyrant and act like a King- and he, Paul, has vowed to lead a campaign against any of these proposed changes and laws. Also, there are a couple of red-neck Congressmen who want to impeach Obama for his proposals.

The great irony, to me, is that these flag-waving idiots never say a word when Obama trashes the constitution in all sorts of ways (especially the first and 4th amendments).

When it comes to aggregating King-like powers re: spying on Americans, approving domestic drone use, murdering innocent people overseas, doing away with habeas corpus, etc. etc.), Obama is eminently impeachable, but NOW, when the Stars and Bars, dimwitted gun-toters stand to lose their ability to own 26 military weapons and carry them into Starbucks, they decide we have a king…

Obama continues to play soldier-boy himself–with all sorts of disastrous consequences for this country and the rest of the world, but at least this time, in relation to out of control gun violence in THIS  country, he appears to going down the right path.

He doesn’t have to worry about re-election so he can occasionally do the right thing. What we have to see is how much energy and weight he puts into these executive orders and the bills he will submit to Congress. He has nothing to lose– Most Americans over the mental and emotional age of 14 know that controlling weapons is the decent thing to do– They will back him up if he keep his promises to push this issue.

Here’s a complete list of the executive orders affecting gun violence. Some of them I might quibble with because they are too vague and some I might find troubling because they are too closely linked to other, more nefarious Executive power-grabs, but generally they are for the good:


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