The Latesnooze, plus Radio Update


Things You May Need to Know

First, the important stuff. My latest PRN show, The Turning Point (about religion and it’s wonderful effects on individuals and society) was improperly posted on the archives yesterday. The situation has now been fixed and the show is available for download or live listening… This here is where you go:

Also–not that YOU care–but the end of the world will come on the 21st of this month– according to an ancient Mayan calendar. There is some evidence that it may occur with a big bang (nuclear war-solar flares, etc.) Or, it may just end with a whimper as Mr. Eliott suggested. Maybe God will just pick up a large, heavenly remote and click the off button. I would if I was God–the human being show has been in re-runs for years now and although there are new story lines and characters, the basic plot is always the same: Guy gets Gal, Guy Loses Gal, Guy kills everybody who believes in the wrong god and amasses a great fortune at everyone else’s expense…  Guy gets Gal again.

The End of The World as We Know It…  Well, that doesn’t seem like such a bad idea if it’s going to keep on being the way we know it now…   Of course the world is ending! But NOT because some ancient Mayans (they should live and be well) said it would, or because  some batshit  zealot with heat rash predicted it in The Big Book of Revelations (soon to be a Pixar animated feature). The world is ending because a lot of human beings are heating it up like a giant pot of sweet and sour soup.
And speaking of God…  If it wasn’t for the ignorance, fear and superstition engendered by organized religion, people might actually grow up–look around and say, “Whoa there– What was I fucking thinking!? It’s not some horny red devil under the earth or some big bearded, manic-depressive in the sky that’s ending the w0rld, it’s US!
So I say, Brethren and Sisthren, rise up and cast off those silly old books, those statues, and those crazy notions of a great invisible force intelligently directing the course of the universe– Rise up, I say; you have nothing to lose but the rancid remains of a childhood kept way past it’s sell-by date.

Or, on the other hand, you may want to eat, drink and be merry for the next ten days–it shouldn’t be a total loss.

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