September 13th, 2001


You know, I was just beginning to think there was a major difference between the two parties—and there are certainly appreciable differences, enough to make most intelligent people, well-meaning people choose the Democrats— But, really, despite the differences, it does come down to which party you want to win the big prize—and the big prize is managing the country for the corporations and the military…

So, the Democrats were certainly looking better (in part because they are better) than the Republicans. Then we arrived at the last night of the convention and I heard everyone, straight up to and including the President, boasting about killing Osama Bin Laden.
I live in New York City, and my son was no more than a few blocks away from the towers when they were hit. My radio station’s (WBAI’s) studios were located on Wall Street, and, for months after the attacks, had dust in them. Dust that smelled like plastic, metal and other things you didn’t want to think about…
Osama Bin Laden was a fanatical, murdering zealot and his violent end caused me no distress. He died the way he lived— BUT it made me ashamed to be an American to see all these people, surrounded by flags and “heroes” and “warriors”, smiling and waving Osama bin Laden’s head around like insular tribal maniacs (like, for instance, Osama Bin Laden).

It made me sick to hear all this gloating and boasting that our “heroes” managed, after ten years, to track down and murder a loony, pathetic man in his house, shoot him and dump his body in the Ocean. Sounds like the work of cowards to me and it does NOT make me proud to be an American—it makes me sick to be one.
(I was particularly disgusted by a smiling Jill Biden telling us that the war in Iraq is over. She might want take a trip over to Iraq and tell the Iraqis that little bit of good news).

This is what the world sees—a huge country with weapons of mass destruction and a mindless, idolized military brought up on violent video games, led by an clueless little boy playing grown-up soldier man—with real drones, missles and fighter-bombers.
That’s what the world sees and that’s what I see, too. I pay my taxes so this man and his crew, all safe and sound inside their bullet-proof limousines and surrounded by the Secret Service, can boast about using the world’s largest murder machine to kill one single man.
That killing was the pinnacle, according to the Democrats and the President, of their achievments of the past three year. That’s why they saved it for the last night of the convention. And even if it causes some of them some shame to act this way then it’s even worse—it means they’re doing this teenage macho crowing just to get re-elected.
Politically and culturally, it’s one of the saddest things I’ve ever seen; a real low point for America.

Watching this convention, I was actually a bit tempted to change my attitude toward Obama and the Democrats but this sick, childish, shameful display puts me right back where I was— I can’t possibly vote for a man who speaks and acts like Barack Obama.
Most of the people who listen to my shows and read my articles are grown, intelligent people who can and will make their own decisions about voting. But for me, it’s a personal choice; I know the other gang is worse—even much worse, but I’ll be voting for Jill Stein.

Here’s an article about that appeared in the Guardian about the “Osama is dead and General Motors is alive” convention.


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