(Updated June 4th)

Following up on the socko sensation that was my first Youtube video, The New Republican Prayer, my colleague, Todd-from-Arizona, and I have come up with a new Youtube video about what Memorial Day and related holidays are really about; and how the essence of such holidays has been lost… It’s called: The Dishonored Dead. Please take a look at the video and, if you like it, reccomend it to others. Here’s the link:
If that doesn’t work, just go to Youtube, put federfiles in the search and you’ll see the new video.

** A longer, written version of the piece, entitled: Memorial Day in The Rear View Mirror, is now on Huffington Post. It can be found here.
(If you like it, pass it on and–though I hate to say this– “Like” it and/or comment on it on Huffington Post).

– Mike Feder (New York City – May 21, 2012)

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