TV Commercials for The 99%

Last fall a small production group spent 7,000 dollars on a very effective 30 second spot explaining and championing the Occupy movement. It wound up on major television channels and was seen by over Three million people!
The same group, LoudSauce, will be spending more money this time to break through the corporate media’s wall of censorship. Submissions for spots are being accepted now–so not only can you donate to this group if you want, but you can submit your own TV spot to air on major cable news stations.
Here’s the e-mail I got from one of the principles involved (check out the video explaining how it works):

Hey Mike,

Thought you’d like to know about the launch of Occupy the Airwaves by and LoudSauce — a platform enabling the crowdfunding of TV time. You might remember LoudSauce’s campaign last year where they raised less than $7,000 from 168 contributors and placed pro-Occupy spots in front of over 3 million people, including O’Reilly Factor viewers. This time, they’re launching a $150,000 campaign with a call for 30-second spots–Take a look at the video explaining how it will work.

– Mike Feder (New York City – April 29, 2012)

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