Vital Article!


I read a very important and almost shocking article about the take-over of our Universities and colleges by the FBI, Defense (War) Department and Dept. of Homeland Security. It’s astounding how deeply and widely these agencies are involved in every aspect of life in colleges…
It’s not a long piece but will be, I’m sure, eye-opening and a serious warning to anyone who thinks there is some privacy or security left in this country. The very agencies that are supposed to provide for security are the ones to fear the most.
The writer is Michael Gould-Wartofsky and the piece is on TomDispatch:
(there’s a short intro before the piece that’s worth reading too and please check out Michael’s other work).

**FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO HAVEN’T SEEN IT, please take a look at my Youtube video: New Republican Prayer (if you like it, spread the word).

– Mike Feder (New York City – April 8, 2012)

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