Yom Kippur and Eric Cantor

I know we’re all worried about the state of our Republic and whether or not anyone seems to understand what America means anymore? Also, what can we do to heal things?
Well, there’s one guy who has the answers and I thought I’d just extend this recent invitation from a prominent PR firm so that you might drop in and find out for yourselves…

The following is the first paragraph of a notice sent to me just yesterday:

“Hi Mike-

For consideration, please see a media advisory for a special panel discussion with HOUSE MAJORITY LEADER ERIC CANTOR (R-VA) on Sunday October 9, 2011 at 7:30 pm at the West Side Institutional Synagogue located at 120 West 76th Street in New York City. The public panel [.addresses the question], “ARE AMERICAN VALUES IN DECLINE AND HOW CAN THEY BE FIXED?”

So, there you go, bunky– The man who has almost single-handedly held up emergency, life-saving FEMA relief money for tens of thousands of people hit by storms and floods on the East coast… This man who, more than anyone in the entire Congress, symbolizes the crusade to put the health the very lives of millions of old people, poor people and sick people in dire jeopardy will be asking if American Values are in decline, and then he will tell us how to fix them!

I worked as a volunteer at a senior center in that Synagogue for almost four years. Last time I checked they were on the verge of being closed down because of government budget problems. These are men and women, average age about 82, most of whom would be long gone save for Social Security, Medicare, Meals-on-Wheels and Government funded transportation and health assistance services.

The majority of these people go there for the only company and comfort that exist in their isolated lives…
..If things go the way Mr. Cantor wants, this center would be certainly be shut– And if it was up to Mr. Cantor, these people’s meager Social Security checks would either be cut or wind up being invested in some Hedge fund.
He would see to it that their Medicare was cut so much that they would inevitably die sooner or immediately– And he would effectively stop them from getting free meals and free transportation.

In a country where some of the largest corporations pay no taxes and billionaires pay practically no taxes at all, Mr. Cantor opposes even one cent in new taxes for the rich.

The country is choking to death from toxic fumes, dying in droughts and floods and getting cancer from the effects of natural gas and oil drilling. And Mr. Cantor wants to eliminate the Environment Protection Agency.
The country is becoming stupider by the second. Our ranking in math, science, even basic literacy and knowledge of history is slipping so fast in the world rankings you can see it plunge with the naked eye– and Mr. Cantor wants to eliminate The Department of Education.

This soul-less, heartless puppet of wealth and privilege; this man who represents the worst in human nature and whose values are the opposite of everything this country should ideally stand for is going to tell us this Sunday what is wrong with American and how to fix it.

Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement is upon us… When we deeply consider our transgressions against God, but, more importantly, against other human beings– When we seek and dispense forgiveness so that we will be able to renew the common understanding that we’re all in the same boat together in this stormy sea… At this moment, this man is going to sit in God’s house, probably in the same large room where the senior center meets on weekdays, and tell his plan for fixing our country.

To mix religions? If Mr. Cantor came to me and sincerely asked for my forgiveness for all the divisiveness, inhumanity and cruelty he has been responsible for, I would say, ?Eric, your sins are forgiven you?Go, AND SIN NO MORE??
But I?m gonna take a wild guess and say that he won?t be doing that? So he remains, at least by me?unforgiven. It?s up to the other millions of people whose lives he is threatening to decide how they feel about him?
You have to have some standard human equipment to feel shame or guilt and to ask for forgiveness. You need a recognizable soul and an apparent heart?an awareness of other people?s suffering and a sense of empathy that leads to taking steps to alleviate that suffering.
When I look at and listen to Eric Cantor, I?m not detecting anything like that. God help America?.

– Mike Feder (New York City – October 6, 2011)

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