10-4 To All That

OK?I?ve had it? Spending the last 30 years as a liberal on the radio?especially the last 8 years as a ?talk-show? host–is a dead-end occupation.
I?m tired of trying to discover the actual facts of a political, economic, environmental or cultural situation?tired of interviewing experts who actually know what they?re talking about, and fed up with trying to persuade listeners and callers that unadulterated bigotry, delusional religious beliefs and uncritical patriotism are harmful to every one, including themselves.
So, I?m out of the Liberal business and I?m going where the audiences and the big bucks are. From now on it?s right-wing all the way for me!
For instance, here?s the latest PR blurb for my next radio show?

“Birth Certificate issue put to rest? Don’t the Communist-Nazi liberals wish!!! We know there?s much more to their vicious deceits and alien values?perpetrated every day on the AMERICAN people.

Here are just two of my guests for next week’s show?

First, a live interview with a former top Al Quaeda operative (now operating from a secret underground MOSQUE in San Francisco)…
Hear his never-told-before story about how he personally forged Barack Obama’s Harvard Law School Transcript; the entire clandestine operation illicitly funded by ACORN, PBS and the Communist Park Slope Food Cooperative in Brooklyn NY!!!
…Here’s just one of his startling revelations! The ink used to make the forgery was made partly from spent Iranian nuclear-weapons-grade liquid plutonium, Kosher Chicken Soup AND Christian Blood-taken unawares from sleeping American GI’s stationed in Bahrain?by specially trained Islamic vampire homing-bats!!!!

…Next, we’ll speak with the Russian Lesbian KGB Surgeon who performed the secret sex change operation on Hillary Clinton. (or, as listed on her actual birth certificate- (H)IVAN Clintonovitch)!!!!!


Don?t Let the Cuban-Islamic Left-wing Media get away with their terroristic lies!!! America is EXCEPTIONAL?Just ask the rest of the world!? Ask anyone, anyplace who has come into contact with AMERICAN Culture, Business or Armed Forces.”

OVER and OUT!!!!

– Mike Feder (New York City – April 30, 2011)

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