Vair Ah Your Papess!?

I’m doing a show tonight (interviewing a noted immigration lawyer and expert) on Arizona’s new law… Are they a bunch of rascist, proto-fascists or just overwhelmed and trying to protect themselves because the cowards in the Federal government won’t do it for them.
Putting the Civil War and most of the Tea Party nuttiness aside, States do have some rights–especially perhaps when they are left helpless by the the Federal Govt. — A complicated issue.
To me, there is, unavoidably, massive racism behind this new law in Arizona, but this is America, so what’s new. There are more complex questions, politically and economically at work here.

…Anyway, thinking about the above, who poppped into my mind but my Aunt Erma–may she rest in peace; a descendant, as, of course, our entire family was/is of that happy-go-lucky gang Moses led out of Egypt.
She worshipped (not religiously) the sun and spent hours on most Spring and Summer days in our backyard, with an aluminum sun reflector under and around her face. As a result, she had a pretty deep suntan–could easily have been mistaken for someone from South of The Border or the Middle-East.
Erma was, when she dressed up, given to flashy costume jewelry and bright, floral-patterned dresses.
Governor Brewer of Arizona says she knows that there are people (presumably uniformed people) who know which people arouse “reasonable suspicion”.
So, all things being the way they are out there, I would certainly advise my Aunt, if she were alive today, to avoid Arizona, or if she insisted on going there, to make sure she had her passport, bankbook, birth certificate, driver’s license and high school yearbook pasted to the dashboard of her car.
If you’re in any way not completely white, you need to watch yourself out there, if the cops actually obey this law– otherwise you might wind up in the lock-up or spending a few years in Sunny Mexico.
Via Con Dios…

– Mike Feder (New York City – May 8, 2010)

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