Fan Mail

Here’s an e-mail I got after yesterday evening’s radio show on Sirius.
I was talking about what seems to be a kind of intellectual/political devolution in white males in this country, especially fundamentalist Christians and Republicans in predominantly Southern, Midwestern and Western States.
…For example, the Governor of Virginia declaring April to be Confederate History Month, or the Texas Board of Education altering its state textbooks so that Thomas Jefferson is excluded from a list of great Enlightenment thinkers– And, finally, a Congressman from South Carolina who was afraid of locating more military personnel on Guam because he was afraid too many additional people would cause the Island to tip over into the ocean.

One of the great joys after all the years I’ve been in broadcasting (aside from town house, The villa in Tuscany, the private jet–and all the rest–is the warm feeling you get hearing from listeners, especially sympathetic, appreciative fans.
(* One note about the e-mail, I believe I have at least eighteen listeners, not seventeen–but why quibble when you get such a rousing response.)

The e-mail:

“I was one of the seventeen people listening to your lame, pathetic excuse for a radio show yesterday. You are the epitome of elite, effete northeastern liberal snobbery. In short, you’re a jackass. You’re probably a short jackass.

When conservatives return to power after your America-hating marxist regime augers in, leaving a smoking pile of ruble atop the ash heap of history, we will use recordings of your “show” as another enhanced interogation technique.

Such an egalitarian liberal, such a fine example of live-and-let-live fairness and harmony. I’ve never heard more predjudicial hatred and pure unadulterated bilge spewed by a self-absorbed holier-than-thou asshole in my life.

Put all “teabaggers” in Utah? I’ve got a better idea shit-for-brains; let’s put all America-hating, class warfare flame fanners and socialistic thieves and incentive-killers such as you and your fellow grifters in one spot – like say New York. You can eat your own and spiral in as morons like you prove once again that some animals are more equal than others. Pathetic jerk. You’ve got your head planted so far up your ass, you’re tasting lunch.”

Charles Ross

– Mike Feder (New York City – April 11, 2010)

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