Political Babble
Am I the only one who’s sick of hearing all these ridiculous numbers from the candidates? 300 billion in new taxes! 800 Billion in new spending!
5 million jobs! 18 billion in pork spending!
Who could possibly understand or even care anymore about all these numbers? They are all wishful fantasies or outright lies— Abstract numbers that reflect nothing of reality and are merely spouted to the point of meaninglessness to scare off or attract voters.
I’m bored to tears by this entire campaign– Even Ms. Wolf-killer is getting to be less entertaining.
I wish it was election day tomorrow and we could just get it over with– Hopefully send McCain back to Las Vegas and Palin back to Alaska to deal with impeachment by her own state legislature.
Also, the sooner the election, the less chance the desparate criminals in the current administration and their surrogates (McCain, et. al.) have a chance to set up some really awful occurrence to throw things their way.

– Mike Feder (New York City – October 10, 2008)

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