Sarah Palin

So, who saw Sarah Palin being interviewed by Charles (its “Charlie” to her, Charles to me and you) Gibson last night on ABC?
All in the eye of the beholder, obviously. I guess anyone who’s already going to vote for her and that other person that’s on the ticket with her…what’s his name again…? Well, no matter?anyone who’s already going to vote for her will probably be even more encouraged after seeing her respond to good old Charlie’s questions?which were, I?m shocked to say?surprisingly and appropriately journalistic for a change.
Clearly, the same goes for anyone who’s already voting against her?like me, for instance… Her performance just verified every opinion I already had about her?from what I saw in her convention speech and what I know about her lying, nasty ways.
She is like a pit-bull. Her very body language?hunched and muscle-bunched, like she was ready to leap at someone?s throat any second? She radiates mean-ness and aggression (no offense to pit-bulls).

Only someone very dim couldn’t tell she was parroting lines that were carefully taught to her by her tutors…and that she often didn’t really understand exactly what she was saying. Sometimes that was more obvious, sometimes less…
As far as not knowing about “The Bush Doctrine” I don’t judge the woman for that. Most people know that Bush favors bombing and invading everyone he doesn’t like?shooting first and asking questions later. But the concept of Bush having a doctrine?something approaching a coherent philosophy about anything? well, that seems inconceivable to me; sort of like a pig being able to go into a store, pick out, then apply lipstick.
Maybe that’s why Ms. Palin didn’t know what Charlie was talking about?I mean, who ever thinks of Bush THINKING at all?
But I don’t believe that’s the reason she didn’t know what the Bush Doctrine was. I think the reason is that only media people, journalists, historians, and some politicians refer to Bush’s speech on the subject of preemptive war as the “Bush Doctrine”. Obama would probably know what Gibson was referring to. Biden might know, McCain probably wouldn’t.
Be honest?did you know what “Doctrine” Gibson was referring to? I know I didn’t.

Back to the rest of the interview… The Governess tossed out the typical evasive, generic political answers to most of Gibson’s questions; and, on the whole, she seemed to be essentially shallow, narrow-minded and generally ignorant about the complexities of international affairs.
I’m sure she could speak for herself if she was allowed to?she has enough self-confidence for any hundred other humans…
In fact, she has that kind of quick-trigger-I’m-always-right kind of self-confidence that can lead to some pretty nasty situations (that we continue to find out about as her behavior as a private citizen and politician are discovered by the press).

She said that, when asked by McCain to run as VP, she didn’t hesitate, didn’t blink? She just said “Yes.” Didn’t blink. Didn’t pause for even a moment to consider that all the scheming, and lying, all the manipulating, illegal and immoral shit she did in her life would be uncovered for the whole country to see. Didn’t stop to consider that her poor pregnant daughter would be dragged into the biggest spotlight in the world… She didn’t blink?good for her?bad for a lot of other people?her daughter, her husband, a bunch of poor souls who have the misfortune to be in her life, and, potentially, bad for all the rest of us in this sad, God-forsaken country.

What really disturbed me was when she tried to avoid sounding like the fundamentalist, self-appointed messenger-of-God she obviously thinks she is… They show a film clip of this loony woman on stage at her church saying that God wanted us to invade Iraq! That the rightness of this horrible war was approved and encouraged by The Lord; a Christian crusade against the heathen hordes, pure and simple.

“God is on our side.” That’s what human beings have said to justify slaughtering other people for thousands of years. That’s what the ancient Hebrews said when they killed every last man, woman, child and dog that wouldn’t get out of their way or give in when the Hebrews were marching to the promised land. That’s what The Crusaders and the Popes who sent them said when they raped and looted and murdered their way across half the known world?It?s what the Christian explorers, admirals, generals and their hired priests said when they murdered and stole and enslaved everyone they found in the “New World”. That’s what the Muslims said when they slaughtered their way across Arabia and Africa and a good part of Europe.
That’s what Europeans have been saying for the last 1500 years as they thieved and raped and tortured and killed millions of innocent Jews?right up to and including the Holocaust (just a natural outgrowth of Martin Luther’s virulent anti-Semitism). This is even, God help us, what some ultra-orthodox Jews say to excuse treating the majority of Palestinians like inferior creatures…
Even the Nazis?no fans of established religion because it interfered with their new religion of National Socialism? Even the Nazi’s managed to inscribe on the belt buckle of every German soldier, :”Gott Mit Uns.” God is with us!

So, after Sarah barracuda says that God has come to her in the form of a charging moose and told her that killing Iraqis is the true, right and Christian thing to do? She then has the world-class gall to tell her friend Charlie that what she really meant was something Lincoln said about God and war?some vague story about him not actually saying God was on our side, but that God might know, hopefully, see that the Union?s efforts (complicated as they were) in the Civil War were just and good.

This superficial, lying, small-time, dictatorial, grandiose, wolf-killing, polar bear extinguishing, book-banning embarrassment of a public official compares herself to Abraham Lincoln! There are no words to expand on the obscenity of something like that.
Maybe Americans are stupid and ignorant enough to vote for this woman and her equally deluded, morally and intellectually compromised running mate.
Maybe Obama (with all his faults) is just too intelligent, too nuanced, too complex for the average Joe and Jane to relate to.
The Democrats lost two times already to some murderous, deranged idiot because he was the one more Americans wanted to have a beer with; the one who had God on his side.
Maybe that will happen again.
Have your beer, folks?nothing like a good, cold beer. Just please pay attention to who believes in Democracy and who wants to throw it out and replace it with a military dictatorship.

– Mike Feder (New York City – September 12, 2008)

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