New Radio Show

Just wanted anyone who checks in here from time to time, (or anyone who stumbled across this site on their way to Vegas Big-Deal or Hot Mormon Chicks or whatever)? I am going to be doing a new radio program (in addition to my regular show on Sirius Satellite).

The new show will be one hour– from 2-3pm, every Thursday (Eastern Time) on Gary Null?s Progressive Radio Network.
This is internet radio? So what you do is go to the website: — then click on listen.
You can also call in live to the show?something I always encourage.
(I will be giving out the number on the air)
There is also a mention on the site of shows being archived (available for listening at a different time) but this seems, for the moment, to be a work in progress?

– Mike Feder (New York City – October 17, 2006)

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