A few new poems

What is this longing?
A constant pulling away to the left
like a car with unbalanced tires

Always straining, filled with fear,
I am tired of
fighting the wheel

What if I let it go?
Foot off the gas too
while I?m at it

Spinning-out of control
on the empty highway,
out in the middle
of nowhere.


What does mercy mean
in Times Square?
Leaning into the wind,
shift from an unexpected quarter;
All the wealth in my known world.
Once Pirates swooped
out of nowhere
And here you are,
naked and peaceful,
stripped of everything
you thought mattered.
before the E-train
pulled in,
and took you
All the way


If I put my hand out
you?d bite it off
all the way up my arm.
What traveling will
bring me away
from such a land of teeth
and bad dreams?

there is a small dirt road
and sheltering trees;
An old well,
the water still clear.
And waiting for me,
the very form of beauty…

She moves


People never bother to lift their eyes.
Up there, In the city;
blue sky, penthouse greenery;
dipping birds, moving clouds,
motion of a larger kind;
Instead, we prowl the gum-stained sidewalks
sniffing, snarling,
snatching at bits of broken merchandise.

We are all God?s children
scampering around his structured eternity.
But, in his Absence,
Who is to take away our simple pleasures?
A restaurant, a movie, a walk in the park..
Did I build this city?
Do I make the rules?

When I raise my eyes to the rooftops
and beyond,
I am seized by a yearning
so bright, so beautiful,
that I never want it to end.
But soon, much too soon, it dissovles
to a falling, dying emptiness;
And, as always,
I am left down here to wonder…

Why are you so far away?


Before The Machine
is turned on,
Before the daily chaos
shakes itself awake

Before the mind
is engaged
and soft dreams dissolve
I turn my eyes toward you.


– Mike Feder (New York City – November 29, 2005)

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