Poem/Sketch– from the bus window


Like a pink jewel, shining
In the gray street, gleaming;
She renders invisible
the stream of faces
en route to other lives

A young girl,
dressed for the performance
of her life;
Everything that?s everything
Riding on this one shot.
All there, in her white
anxious face; evanescent
with hope and beauty

Short, dark, wavy hair
wide round eyes, lips
just the right shade of red.
Tight, pink-orange dress,
gold-tone stockings
black, gleaming, dancer?s shoes

She turns, turns,
this way, that
crazy, anxious,
A cab? Oh!
She might be late.
Can?t be late!

I would stop for her,
dull old mouse that I am.
Jump right off this bus,
White livery, silver buckles
Here?s your pumpkin chariot,
Not a moment to waste!

This is all
This is every-thing;
Nothing less
than an invitation
To the Prince?s ball.
Cinderella of 28th street
One white arm lifted high
Cab! Cab!

– Mike Feder (New York City – November 9, 2005)

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