Sorry to have been away for so long?A combination of existential disgust and ensuing ennui from the election and, of course, just the usual personal idiosyncratic behavior?(Also, they wouldn?t give me the key to locked ward main door.)

Just want to let you all know that the person behind the curtain?the all-powerful OZ?is still here and mulling over some more random thoughts, stories and opinions?soon to be posted to youse all.

Probable subjects for coming posts/essays:

1) Once more?and probably for the last time (and that?s sad), the subject of Radio Station WBAI and its final slide into the mud of bigotry and stupidity? Well, nothing lasts forever, bad or good (so that could be hopeful, right?) And allied to this sad topic, the whole general topic of radio, which is changing mightily, even as we speak?(Satellite radio, internet radio, etc.)

2) A selection of topics I?ve been talking about on my Sirius Radio program (I know, most of you can?t ?or won?t?buy the special radio and subscription fee? and I understand that. However, I think its probably worth the money and?might make a good holiday present that THE WHOLE FAMILY CAN CHERISH!!). In fact, out of the more than 120 separate whole radio stations that make up Sirius, there are quite a few that a really worth listening to?More about that soon.

Some topics already discussed on the air–or soon to be discussed, include (complete with expert guests): Alien Abductions and Interbreeding between Aliens and Humans (no joke?or at least I mean that its not a joke that I really did have this as a topic on my show). Do I believe it? I don?t know?why not? Can you think of a better explanation for George Bush and Paris Hilton? Anyway, my guest was Dr. David Jacobs of Temple University?a leading expert in the field?and the program was co-hosted by my pal (and possible abductee victim) Kash Monet (who, in a parallel reality and under other another name, has matured into a truly great painter with shows in Soho galleries etc.)

Another topic: The Coming Election In Iraq (subtitled: Survivor Fallujah, A New Reality Show About The Comic Mishaps That Result When Fake Democracy meets Ancient Tribal Hatred). Guest here will be (sometime in the next couple of weeks) Professor Noah Feldman of NYU?He was a senior ?constitutional advisor? to Paul Bremer?s provisional US mandate government in Iraq and is an expert on setting up constitutional democracies (maybe he could help the US start all over again). The title of his book–just out– is: What We Owe Iraq–Princeton University Press.

Another topic: Applying the principles of Buddhism to the larger situation in the nation and the world: My guest (January 9th) will be Jonathan Kabat-Zinn, (the author of Where-ever You Go, There You Are? one of the best books on meditation I ever read and probably still in print in pb).

In each case, I will try to abstract the basic elements of the conversations and write (hopefully) interesting essays about them on this page?

Thank you too much for your perseverance and cooperation in this matter.
(The management)


– Mike Feder (New York City – December 4, 2004)

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