Announcement of My New Radio Show

I am happy to announce that I’m starting a new radio program– On Sirius Satelite Radio. The program will be on from 10:00pm till 1:00am, Sunday night into Monday morning. My first show airs on June 20th, Father’s day, and, not accidentally, will be mostly about fathers and children.

This new program is national and I will be doing a mix of everything I’ve done before– Storytelling, cultural commentary, call-ins, reading articles of interest, general ranting and raving (but, of course, in a more gentle and mature fashion).

Catch is, of course, that, in order to receive this show, you have to buy a special satelite radio (available wherever appliances and electronics are sold) and sign up and pay a monthly fee (like cable TV).
There are over a hundred channels of information, music, politics, alternative cultural programs, etc on Sirius radio. For instance, they have gay programming, an entire channel devoted to jazz from the 40’s, Old Rock&Roll, a Left and a Right political channel (My old friend, Lynn Samuels is on the Sirius Left political channel. They also carry Air America programs).

So, if you have the extra dough, get yourself a satelite radio unit and either call Sirius (or go to their website) and sign up.
I hope some of you can make it.. it would be nice to think that old friends are listening as I dip my toe into this new ocean…

For more info as the soap opera of my life lurches on from month to month, stay tuned right here…

** Sirius satelite radio:

– Mike Feder (New York City – June 4, 2004)

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