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Net Worth in the USA

A quick snapshot of the net “worth” of our current political system. Continue reading


The Grand Mufti, Satan, and my Grandmother

To me, playing chess always felt like a harmless way to have fun. But how could I have known that chess, just like many other seemingly innocent pastimes, is the work of SATAN. In fact, according to a recent TV proclamation by the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia, Sheikh Abdulaziz Al-Sheikh, it appears that having fun is, just by itself, an invitation to the Evil One to come and carry you off to hell.
Ah, but with all the Grand Muftis–of every religion–swarming around us, who needs hell?
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Conspiracy Theories–Imagination and Reality

Recently, Florida Atlantic University fired an associate professor who, in his blog, radio show and classroom lectures insisted that the 2012 murders of 20 children and 6 staff members at Sandy Hook elementary school in Newtown Connecticut was either planned and carried out by the government or staged entirely.
The professor, James Tracy, is not alone in this belief. There are, apparently, thousands of others who share his point of view.
Does this conspiracy theory have anything in common with other theories that accuse higher powers and authorities with crimes and cover-ups?

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Mr. Obama, Guns and America

My wife and I watched President Obama on CNN the other night at the televised “town-hall meeting” on gun control.
Whatever my reservations about Mr. Obama, I’d say that purely on a personal level, he did pretty well—showing more direct, sincere emotion than I’m used to seeing from him.
But he’s always been more emotional—hurt and angry—about gun violence than any other topic he’s talked about. And why shouldn’t he be?
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New Year’s Re-solution

Why do some people hold on to things past the point where they have any real, current need for them? The act (even the very idea) of parting with anything at all causes these people a lot of anxiety. Maybe it’s part of the general fear of life moving away from them or from some precious time in the past they want to preserve—so that they imagine that, by saving everything, that they’re freezing life in place; that they’re holding back the inevitable snatching away of days, months and years. Continue reading